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Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Love You More Than Cake

Pinterest users frequently post recipes that look seemingly easy on Google images and blogs -- and the Tye Dye Cake recipe looked like a challenge.  Sarah and I were up for that challenge.  Our thanks to Bird on a Cake for this idea! 

Our first lesson was in using food color for the 60's theme.  Most tye dyes are bright and ours ended up... well pedestrian pastel.  When in doubt, double the color.

Also, we used two 8-inch circular pans and it looked so very simple to do "concentric circles" of the colored batter.  Well, yeah... first you figure out that if you use your spoon to spread the circles, it's called double-dipping in a whole new way.  Sarah figured out that if you tap the pan in one direction or another, the batter evens out in the pan.  That worked!

Still, we had a good time because I love my daughter and she loves me.  We were giggling and knew our creation was going to look like a spirograph gone bad.  We were arguing over who got the last of the purple and which color should come next.  Mysteriously cake batter ended up on my shirt and on my chin...have no idea how that happened.

The cakes came out of the oven 30 minutes later, cooled a bit and then I began to ice them.  Icing always makes me nervous because I'm always afraid I won't get it all even.  I'm pleased to report that I did a great job and got a picture of at least the inside.  The cake is perfect for 3 or 4 people because it's on the small-ish side. 

I finished the outside and, of course, slathered icing all over the plate.  I called Sarah to help me "clean up" the icing so it would be picture worthy.  We were conspirators in a hygeninically questionable cover up.  That is...

....until the cake....

...ended up on the floor.

Sarah looked at me.  I looked at Sarah.  The room was silent.  Later she would recount this moment as the buffalo and the bunny.  I think I've finally managed to grow up as a parent.  I admitted I was angry but I kept saying the same thing... "Sarah, I love you more than cake."  After the mess was cleaned up and the beagle barfed tye dye... my daughter gave me my Mother's Day presents early. 

She ran into our office and came out with a card that said:

If I could give you diamonds
For each tear you've cried;
If I could give you sapphires for each truth
You've helped me to see; If I could give you rubies
For the heartache that you've known,
If I could give you pearls for the wisdom
That you've shown.

Then you'd have a treasure;
Mother, that would mount up to the skies;
That would almost match the sparkle
In your kind and loving eyes.
But I have no pearls or diamonds,
As I'm sure you're well aware,
So I'll give you gifts more precious,
My devotion, love and care.


God bless you, SarahAnn Land... I love you more than cake, honey.


  1. Awwwwww! I'm full of goosebumps! Thank you for sharing your writing with me and with the world.

  2. Thank you Deborah... hoping that you are writing, as well! Yes? xoxoxo

  3. Laughed till I cried. I can just see the two of you ... I would have blown the whole thing had I been there, cuz I would have laughed then too. No wonder my kids grew up to be heathens! Happy Mother's Day, sis!

    Love ya.

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