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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jackson Pollock Cake

What happens when two people -- who really love one another, try again?  Well, first, the dye works SO much better, brighter.

"Mom, how about we put in 7 more drops of blue?" 

"How about 14, Sarah..."


"Mom, I really want the purple more purple-red than purple-blue."

"Yeah... we can do that."

"Hey, instead of doing the whole concentric circles thing... how about we drizzle?"

"There's a painter... he painted like this, with splatters.  Hey, that's it!"
"Mom - this is a lot better than last time."

"Yes, honey, it is... "

"His name was Jackson Pollock, ya know...  I never really understood his paintings, but I kind of do, now.  What message can we find in the mess?"

"We do good work together, especially the second time around."

So, okay...the third time we make this cake, we're going to figure out the icing.

Sarah -- I think we made something together that we can be proud of.  For me, it was peace about a chapter in my life, a long time ago.  For you?  What was it for you?

"That everybody makes mistakes and nothing's perfect... but it is delicious."

Yes my dear young woman, it is.

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